This is the most sensitive part of the face. Different treatments are recommended depending on the problem. Shadows under the eyes may be reduced with medical rollers or Dermapen, regeneration is ensured by hyaluronic acid mesotherapy and compound mesotherapy, crow’s feet will be reduced and eyelids will be more supple due to the use of platelet-rich plasma and expression lines will be removed with botulinum toxin (temporary effect on the orbicularis oculi smoothing out this area).


The best method of correcting the contour and size of the lips is the administration of hyaluronic acid through injection with fine needles. The gel-like preparation is carefully introduced in the contour or vermilion. 

Indications: lips which are too small or asymmetrical, loss of suppleness and an appropriate level of moisture content, smoker’s wrinkles and wrinkles associated with aging processes, poorly defined contours, drooping lip corners, poor tone.


Nose correction can be performed with hyaluronic acid. Small changes may be done with a minimally invasive and non-surgical method. Hyaluronic acid is introduced with a needle into the site of the correction planned. 

Indications: correcting the shape and size of the nose, reducing the so-called nasal bump, smoothing out the so-called saddle, correcting asymmetry.


Horizontal or diagonal wrinkles (caused by the platysma muscle) will be reduced with botulinum toxin. Long-term health of the skin will be ensured with the ingredients of the preparation for mesotherapy and with Skinboosters procedures. Lifting threads may be used for a subtle lifting effect.


Procedures firming the skin around the neckline are performed with low-density fillers. Mesotherapy and lifting threads are also recommended.


Flabby earlobes may be regenerated with hyaluronic acid injections. They also ensure hydration, rejuvenation and slight lifting of this part of the ear.


Hyaluronic acid therapy is a non-surgical method of improving the health and appearance of the skin. It regenerates and rejuvenates the skin. It is an intradermal therapy procedure as it acts through injecting beneficial substances directly into the skin. Its direct, focused and local action significantly increases treatment efficacy. Hyaluronic acid mesotherapy moisturises the skin and allows for long-term deep skin hydration. It is also a perfect method of stimulating self-regeneration aimed at achieving a smooth and more elastic skin.

Indications: loss of suppleness and elasticity, dryness and dehydration of the skin, wrinkles.


Radiesse is an aesthetic solution with a filling effect used to correct the facial contours, revitalise the skin and improve its health. This preparation is based on calcium hydroxyapatite, a safe and well-studied substance which has been successfully used in other areas of medicine (implantology or orthopaedics). Radiesse undergoes biodegradation more slowly than hyaluronic acid, which is why its effects last longer. 

Indications: filling defects, reducing wrinkles, smoothing effect.