Facial contouring

restoring volume, facial volumising


Preparations used in order to restore volume and reduce volume defects in a given part of the face. The most common substance is hyaluronic acid. It is safe, does not produce allergic responses and is naturally present in the human body. It is administered directly into the skin with injections. Hyaluronic acid fills tissue defects in the area of the cheeks and nose-to-mouth folds and corrects facial contours. It is also used in procedures correcting lips, the shape of the nose or advanced anti-aging treatments. The preparations using hyaluronic acid are Juvederm and Stylage.

Indications: filling volume defects, correcting the contours, lip enhancement, improving the shape of the nose, correcting the line of the mandible, reconstruction of post-traumatic changes, reducing wrinkles.


A method of correcting and re-contouring the shape of the face by removing adipose tissue using injections. The procedure consists in non-surgical introduction of a special preparation into the skin which initiates lipolysis, that is the process of fat cell breakdown. The substance used in the procedure is safe and the method is an alternative to invasive surgical lipolysis. The preparation is injected with a special needle directly into the adipose tissue region which is to be reduced. Its role is to penetrate into the fat cells and destroy them. The broken down structures of the cells are then transported to the liver together with the substance as a part of natural metabolic processes and removed from the body. Intralipotherapy is used to correct the shape of the face and the line of the mandible and to restore symmetrical facial proportions. It is a very good method of reducing the double chin. The procedure lasts approx. 30–40 minutes. The injection is painless; local anaesthesia may be used before the injection to ensure maximum patient comfort during the procedure. The preparations used in the procedure are Dermaheal LL, Dermastabilon and Aqualyx.

Indications: local adipose tissue reduction, correction of the shape of the face, correcting the line of the mandible, reducing the so-called “double chin”.


It is an aesthetic solution with a filling effect used to correct the facial contours, revitalise the skin and improve its health. This preparation is based on calcium hydroxyapatite, a safe and well-studied substance which has been successfully used in other areas of medicine (implantology or orthopaedics). This method is used in facial shape contouring, improving facial proportions and lifting the contours which lose their youthful shape in time. Radiesse undergoes biodegradation more slowly than hyaluronic acid, which is why its effects last longer. Importantly, it can be used in combination treatments with the majority of aesthetic medicine procedures.

Indications: correcting facial contours, removing nose-to-mouth lines, improving the shape of the face.


A preparation which stimulates an increase in the volume and number of skin collagen fibres through the stimulation of the production of natural collagen in the skin. After the administration, the injected substance gradually fills the wrinkles, lines or other defects in volume. It smooths out the wrinkles, corrects facial features and fills areas where there is too little adipose tissue. Thanks to the reconstruction of natural facial roundness, the face becomes more harmonious and the appearance is gentler.

Indications: restoring volume, tissue revitalisation, skin regeneration and rejuvenation, correction and shaping of the facial contours, correction of adipose tissue defects, reducing wrinkles and lines, filling sagging cheeks.


An efficient non-surgical method of lifting and correcting the shape of the face. This technique of introducing threads into the skin uses natural firmness lines of the skin. PDO fibres which make up the threads naturally dissolve in the tissue and stimulate the production of collagen as well as hyaluronic acid synthesis. Consequently, the skin becomes more supple and elastic, the facial features are gentler and the contours are lifted, resulting in a visibly younger appearance. Improvement of skin firmness and elasticity facilitates treatments correcting the shape of the face. 

Indications: sagging skin and preventing loss of contour, smoothing out the facial features, thinning and improving the shape of the face, lifting and younger appearance.