Lightening discoloration and achieving even skin tone


It allows for the efficient removal of pigmentation spots and discoloration. It activates natural skin regeneration processes and evens its tone. Cosmelan lightens small and specific spots such as freckles, discoloration from sun exposure and caused by hormonal changes. In addition, it regulates sebum production and reduces skin pores. It has a lifting effect and leaves the skin smooth and radiant. The procedure may be performed all year round. The treatment programme is adjusted to each patient and their skin phototype.


It contains higher levels of active ingredients and salicylic acid, which is not used in Cosmelan. Similarly to Cosmelan, it reduces all types of discoloration. It ensures additional protection and rejuvenates the skin. It also has a positive effect on seborrheic skin. Aloe extract and bisabolol soothe irritated skin and facilitate healing processes. The procedure does not leave the skin sensitive to sunlight and may be performed all year round.


It ensures controlled removal of the epidermis and deeper skin layers, thus removing discoloration and pigmentation spots. An appropriately selected mixture of chemical compounds is used to achieve an even skin tone. It leaves the skin rejuvenated, fresh and smooth. Medical exfoliation is very popular due to its multi-directional effect, the fact that it may be often repeated and its relatively minimally invasive character.