A non-surgical method of improving skin health and appearance. It regenerates and rejuvenates the skin. It is an intradermal therapy procedure as it acts through injecting beneficial substances directly into the skin. Its direct, focused and local action significantly increases treatment efficacy. Hyaluronic acid mesotherapy moisturises the skin and allows for long-term deep skin hydration. Hyaluronic acid is crucial in maintaining and restoring youthful appearance of the skin. It is a physiological component of the tissues which binds water to the epidermis and is lost from the skin over time in a natural gradual process. Consequently, a hyaluronic acid injection is the most effective solution for restoring optimal deep skin layer moisturisation. It is also a perfect method of stimulating self-regeneration aimed at achieving a smooth and more elastic skin.

Indications: loss of suppleness and elasticity, dryness and dehydration of the skin, wrinkles.


Injecting special nourishing and regenerative cocktails into the skin. These substances combine vitamins in various proportions and concentrations as well as inorganic salts, amino acids and hyaluronic acid. The procedure nourishes and moisturises the skin. The method also visibly smooths out smaller wrinkles, leaves the skin more dense and firm and restores a healthy and even tone. A series of procedures (4–6) performed at 7–10-day intervals is recommended.

Indications: preventing the signs of skin aging, wrinkles (including expression lines), flabby skin, photoaging, skin discoloration, in treatment preventing hair loss.


Micro-needle mesotherapy using medical rollers is an aesthetic medicine procedure which helps revitalise the skin. It uses a special device in the form of a moving roller with several hundred needles. The method is based on microperforations which are used to introduce nourishing cocktails into the skin. The resulting injuries (microperforations) allow for crossing the epidermal barrier and transporting beneficial active substances into the skin. Microperforations also stimulate the skin to produce collagen and undergo self-regeneration.

Indications: improvement of skin suppleness, reducing wrinkles, reducing discoloration and acne scars, as an adjunct to hair loss treatment.


This method is aimed at stimulating the skin to produce collagen and elastin. It results in improved density and elasticity of the skin. The Dermapen treatment is based on pulsating needle technology. The depth of injections is very precise (ranging from 0.5 mm to 2.5 mm), allowing for maximum control and minimising the risk of possible errors in skin microperforations. 

Indications: reducing wrinkles, improving skin density, reducing large skin pores, reducing acne scars and burn scars, achieving an even skin tone, hair loss treatment.


The method was developed to rebuild skin structure and deeply moisturise the skin. Skinboosters are a set of special preparations, including hyaluronic acid in two forms: cross-linked and non-cross-linked. However, these are not fillers or substances used in traditional mesotherapy. They allow for long-term revitalisation, stimulate the synthesis of collagen and rebuild the matrix structure of the cells. Skinboosters is one of the most efficient methods of improving skin suppleness and restoring its optimum hydration. Preparations used in the procedure are Restylane Vital and Styleage HydroMax.

Indications: loss of elasticity, small wrinkles, dehydrated skin, as an adjunct to treating acne scars, revitalisation of sensitive areas (around the eyes, mouth, neck and neckline area).


This method facilitates regeneration and skin healing processes. Platelet-rich plasma is obtained from the patient’s own blood. After the blood is taken from the patient, it undergoes specialist processing. An active autologous preparation is obtained. This solution has been used in surgery, orthopaedics or sports medicine for many years. It is popular due to its high efficacy in the processes of regeneration of various types of tissue. The activity of platelets and the release of growth factors are achieved by adding calcium chloride or thrombin to the preparation.

Indications: loss of skin firmness and elasticity, improvement of skin health and the appearance of the face (including areas around the eyes) and neck and neckline area, reducing nose-to-mouth lines and folds, treating acne scars, as an adjunct to laser therapy and in the course of chemical peel treatment.


A preparation which stimulates an increase in the volume and number of skin collagen fibres through the stimulation of the production of natural collagen in the skin. After the administration, the injected substance gradually fills the wrinkles, lines or other defects in volume. It smooths out the wrinkles, corrects facial features and fills areas where there is too little adipose tissue. Thanks to the reconstruction of natural facial roundness, the face becomes more harmonious and the appearance is gentler.

Indications: restoring volume, tissue revitalisation, skin regeneration and rejuvenation, correction and improvement of the facial contours, correction of adipose tissue defects, reducing wrinkles and lines, filling sagging cheeks. 


It is an effective method of wrinkle reduction. A small amount of the preparation introduced skilfully into the area of the expression lines causes functional paralysis of the area with no neural damage. It is local temporary muscle relaxation. The effect of the procedure develops after several days (3–5 days) and the desired final effect is visible after approx. 10 days. The therapeutic effect of botulinum toxin disappears in time. This process is different in every patient and lasts 4–6 months. During this period the skin „rests” from the contractions, allowing for smoothing out wrinkles and a younger appearance.

Indications: horizontal wrinkles of the forehead, expression lines around the eyes (“crow’s feet”), wrinkles between the eyebrows (“lion’s wrinkle”), correcting eyebrows (eyebrow lifting), correcting the nose (lifting the tip), lifting the corners of the lips.